What We Do

WHAT we do?

I.M helps you speak up against the serious jeopardy of the planet. 

When a crisis occurs, we provide a platform for our cause ambassadors to be on the ground within days, take testimony and deliver first-hand reports. You gather the evidence as a situation escalates and our supporters and the wider community will be ready to act.

HOW we do it?

Is there a social problem you would like to address, resolve, and champion? All you have to do is: 

  1. Take up our civic empathy test, so that we can gauge you on the cause that you believe in; 
  2. Raise an average amount of community funds that can serve your cause and add value to other causes too; 

We have curated a scientifically tested Civic Empathy Index to bring authoritative individuals of our society on our platform, The Cause Central, as cause ambassadors. Once you are good to go, you get to engage with many more cause amplifiers who can be part of a larger community.

How does The Cause Central work?

We have gamified our platform for your engagement! The more amplification levels you cross, the more your cause gets incentivized, and the more KARMA points you earn! 

  1. Choose a cause you believe in
  2. Build an audience:
    • Donate to the cause
    • Spread awareness through social media
    • Interact with non-profit partners
  1. Participate in an event with subject matter experts
  2. Collaborate with stakeholders

Remember that...

Before you decide to become a cause ambassador by downloading The Cause Central app, make sure you: 

  1. Try not to disappear after making a commitment to a cause
  2. Don’t exploit the cause
  3. Draw a rift between the cause and your amplifiers 
  4. Are transparent and genuine about your intent 
  5. Create content that creates impact

Are you one of us?

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