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1. Agreement: Please read the Terms of Use thoroughly before using this website or any
other website or app owned and operated by Impresario Global. Inc. (“I.M” or “we” or similar
terms), including but not limited to www.impresario-global.com (the “Site” or “Website”).
These Terms of Use showcase a contract between you and I.M, and the use of this Website
constitutes a user’s agreement to be bound by all terms. Please do not enter or use our
Website in case you disagree with one or more of the terms or find them unacceptable. All
the rights not expressly granted herein are reserved to I.M, and any violation of these Terms
and Conditions may lead to denial of usage and access to the Website and application as
well as any other applicable legal remedy. The visitors to or users of this Website and/or all
brands/products/services owned by the I.M mothership are referred to as “users”, “you” or
similar terms.
2. Updates and Changes: I.M reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy as well as
these Terms and Conditions at any time. Such changes are inclusive of retroactive changes,
and these are effective once posted on this or a similar page of the Impresario Global
Website. This entire Website, features of this Website, or specific pages may be changed or
discontinued without prior notice.
3. Last Update: These Terms and Conditions were last updated on February 08, 2023.
4. Access: Users must agree that they will not attempt to access any secure or restricted
a portion of this Website to which they have not been granted access specifically.
5. Comply with Laws: A user must comply with all the applicable regulations and laws as
practiced in the land of access.
6. Term and Termination: This Agreement for I.M begins on the date a user first accesses
this Website and continues for one (1) year, after which it automatically gets renewed for
additional terms of one (1) year each. This Agreement may automatically terminate if you
breach any terms of the Agreement. The Terms of Use also terminates immediately upon
notice from I.M for any reason and/or no reason. When this Agreement terminates, users
must agree to stop using it immediately or accessing this Site so as to destroy all copies of
information or content from this Site. All terms that, by their nature, intended to survive
termination or expiration of this Agreement do survive.
7. Copyrights and Trademarks: The trademarks, service marks, trade names, and logos
(“Trademarks”) appearing on this website, including without limitation IMPRESARIO
GLOBAL® and/or its distinctive logo. All other contents with our logo and copyright are
copyrighted works of I.M, and may not be copied, imitated, or used, in whole or in part,
without the prior written permission of I.M.
Resharing of the content for non-commercial purposes is allowed sans permission, but
reposting isn’t.
● To repost any content piece, a user must seek permission from I.M and site credits
while posting.
● The format of reposting will also be approved by I.M before the content gets
● The “content” in question is also applicable to the texts and scripts. No individual or
company shall use our content to recreate their posts without our permission.
From time to time, I.M will legally utilize intellectual property owned by third parties related to
our services. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as granting any license or right to
use any Trademark or Copyright without the express written permission of SME. Misusing
the Trademark or Copyrighted works by I.M displayed on this site, or any other content
platform, including social media, is strictly prohibited and may expose you to liability.
8. If a user believes that any other person using the I.M Website has violated any terms in
this Agreement, we request the user to notify us immediately, specifically identifying the
materials or conduct at issue. Please contact our representatives at I.M using the contact
information provided on our Site.
9. User Postings, Chat, and Messages; Privacy Policy: The Website, or other
communications to you from I.M, such as email, may provide you with the opportunity to post
comments, answer questions, add feedback, other messages, or the opportunity to
communicate with I.M. All such communications provided by users on or through this
Website, or sent to I.M by mail, email, or other means (collectively, “Messages and
Postings”) may be used by us in our business operation, subject to the limitations and
protections described in detail in our Privacy Policy. You hereby grant I.M a worldwide,
perpetual, unrestricted, royalty-free, irrevocable license to use, display, reproduce, modify,
perform, create derivative or collective works, distribute and transmit your Messages and
Postings, and agree that I.M is free to use such Messages and Postings for any purpose and
in any medium. You further grant I.M the right to assign or sublicense any of the foregoing
rights to others. I.M does not have the duty, but the right, to delete any Messages and
Postings for any reason, including without limitation if it deems in its sole discretion that the
Messages and Postings are offensive or inappropriate in any manner.
10. Communication with You: A user must agree that I.M may communicate with them via
emails or any other method using the contact information that has been provided to us.
11. Privacy and Security: You understand and agree that I.M will handle information and
data as described in the Privacy Policy. It is also free to be modified from time to time.
However, I.M can not and does not guarantee absolute security. We are not responsible for
any illegal acts of third parties- including hacking or any other similar activities.
12. Independent Contractor: I.M and you are independent contractors to each other. You
are not I.M’s agent or employee for any purpose and shall not hold yourself out as an I.M
agent or employee.
13. Contact Information: Impresario Global’s contact information is
[email protected]. You can get in touch with us directly for concerns or
disagreements or similar reasons.
14. Miscellaneous: In case the provision of these Terms and Conditions is held to be
invalid, overbroad, or unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed amended to the
minimum necessary extent to render such provision enforceable and valid. If any provision
can not be deemed amended reasonably, then such provisions shall be struck, and only the
remaining provisions shall be enforced. The headings are only there for reference purposes
and in no way limit, define, describe, or construe the scope or extent of such section. Users
may not assign, sell, or otherwise transfer any rights of I.M under these Terms and
Conditions. I.M may transfer or assign its rights and obligations under these Terms and
Conditions and our failure to act concerning any failure by you or others to comply with
these Terms and Conditions does not waive our right to act concerning subsequent or similar
failures. These Terms and Conditions, along with any updates or changes or modifications
thereto by us as described above, set forth the entire understanding and agreement between
us with respect to the subject matter hereof

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