Impresario Global: Fueling People To Change The World

Impresario Global: Fueling People To Change The World

The world is what WE think of it, so let us think of it DIFFERENTLY!!! 

It can be very intimidating to start thinking of changing the world. 

“I’m simply one person. What can I really do?” Well, it is justifiable, but nothing will get done if everyone holds this very belief. 

Think of it this way – if everyone today did just one thing to improve the world, billions of acts of charity, social responsibility, and kindness would take place. Wouldn’t that alone alter the course of this planet? 


Helen Keller said, “I am only one, but still I am one; I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and just because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.” 


Can you recall exactly when you began thinking of the world and the people around you? Us neither. But whenever we think of participating in advocacy rallies, candle marches, and group leadership activities, we always end up thinking – is this REALLY going to help? 

When we look around, we realize that we are always inspired by young people who pursue their goals, reach for the stars, and take initiative to address the issues that are most important to them. 


It is exactly why and how Impresario Global, aka, I.M came into existence! 


So, what do we do? 

I.M is a Social Impact MarTech startup engaged in the business of cause consulting and communications. 

We are a cause-amplifying platform,  on a mission to create #HumanityWithPurpose. We support ordinary citizens with the right resources to bring about impactful civic action in their communities and society. 

We exist to challenge injustice and make the voices of brave Gen Z heard! It’s why we are continually looking for leaders who can help us amplify social causes. With the right level of civic empathy and the desire to do good, we can truly leave the world in a better state than we were born into.


Our initiatives 

We believe in talking about anything and everything – menstrual health, gender, identity, sustainability, mental health, justice, empathy – uncomfortable topics that youngsters want to know more about but don’t know who to ask. 

Keeping this narrative in mind, we recently launched our #LaalBindu campaign, which aims at spreading awareness on menstrual health and hygiene among all. And as our first step, we tried to include more men in our conversations. By incorporating #MenInMenstruation, we are trying to break the silence around periods and end period stigma. 

In our journey as social cause amplifiers, we are looking forward to shedding light on more topics as we move forward. And we need your help in doing so. You can talk to us about anything – from the condition of the roads in your locality to a bill passed in the parliament. We are here to lend a hand. We promise! 


How do we do it? 


We tell stories

We discuss important topics, but you might find our punchlines a bit too sassy. With the help of research and a dash of snark, we debunk falsehoods, present alternative viewpoints, and create communities of like-minded people passionate about a similar cause. 

We build communities 

When we say that our squad makes our hearts race, we are not lying. We work with young blood and are here to provide a secure environment where everyone may learn, unlearn, and feel at home while discussing the issues that are important to them. ​


Take the first step 

Do you think you can work with any degree of provocation? Is there a social cause you care about? 

The overwhelming majority of our voices come from individuals like you. It allows us to maintain full independence from any political ideologies, governments, religions, and economic interests. 

Join our special force of empathy and humanitarianism. 

Join hands with I.M today and let’s create a #HumanityWithPurpose

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