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Whether it’s the ongoing protests for human rights, the unfair living conditions of innocent children, the negligence of government authorities, or the wrath of gender inequality, I.M is ready to help individuals speak up against the serious jeopardy of the planet.

When a crisis occurs, we are here to provide a platform for our cause ambassadors to be on the ground within days, take testimony and deliver first-hand reports. You gather the evidence as a situation escalates and we ensure our supporters and the wider community are informed and ready to act.

I.M As A Cause Marketing Platform

Cause Marketing as a concept serves two purposes: increasing conscious content consumption while driving civic empathy. It involves campaigns built around particular social causes that people identify with and want to talk about.

Globally, the trend for social campaigns drawing on causes is on the rise.


People are looking to associate with brands that have a purpose and offer products and services for the betterment of society, people who think why?

Studies show that 93% of global customers are loyal to brands with a socially responsible effect. Moreover, in India, 67% of consumers are very likely to turn to brands that support a good cause. Over the past decade, the Indian marketing industry has been quick in catching up with the global trends. Needless to mention, marketing has had a lasting impact on brands and consumers.

THIS is what we do, only more and better. We create an ecosystem of amplifiers of social causes.


We invite you to let us know what matters to you. Is there a social problem you would like to address, resolve, and champion? All you have to do is: 

A. Convince subject matter experts of your idea, intent, and impact with 60 seconds videos on each aspect; 

B. Raise an average amount of community funds that can serve your cause and add value to other causes too; 

C. There is no C! 

We take your cause live on our platform where you, as a cause ambassador, get to engage with many more cause amplifiers for your cause, create content, and be part of a larger community that resonates deeply with your cause too! 

What More?

The platform is not just wholly dedicated to cause marketing campaigns and social issues, it is gamified for your engagement! The more amplification levels you cross, the more your cause gets incentivized, and so do your amplifiers by getting access to curated content and events! A one-stop shop for what you care about!

Isn’t it simple?

  1. Choose something you believe in
  2. Identify your cause
  3. Don’t just contribute money
  4. Involve your audience:
    • Donate to the cause
    • Spread awareness through social media
    • Interact with nonprofit partners
  5. Participate in an event with subject matter experts
  6. Collaborate with stakeholders
  7. Catalyze change
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    Important Notes!

    Before you decide to become a cause ambassador by downloading our app, The Cause Central, here are a few things to remember:

    1. Try not to disappear after making a commitment to a cause
    2. Don’t exploit the cause
    3. Draw an alignment between the cause and your amplifiers 
    4. Be transparent and genuine about your intent 
    5. Create content that creates impact

    Incentivising social impact to just prioritize brand image and goals is profit-oriented. Hence the success of a campaign does not give the measure of its influence in society. Accountability towards ground results in terms of major systematic changes in society is still absent. Moreover, brands tend to miss significant stakeholders while strategizing around a cause, and the majority of problems revolving around social issues remain untouched without any actual participation from the communities they are trying to aid! That is where cause marketing comes to play – that’s where WE come to play. We are here for the amplification of issues. 

    We are at the tipping point of a paradigm shift in this because of the demographic power vested in our economies. Millennials and Gen Z are driven by an urge to create an impact by being their own LEADER. 

    Are you one of them?

    Drive your cause marketing campaigns today!

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