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For individuals – who have or want to identify their purpose and have the intent to make an impact on society. If you are determined to change the world around you, this is the platform to be on. You’ll get support from a community of like-minded people (aka amplifiers), and the motivation to do more with the right network. For NGOs & community groups – that are already in the field of social development and impact and are looking to create communities to rally with for a particular social issue of choice. You also get access to a directory of related stakeholders who can elevate your cause. For corporates – that are looking to enhance their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives by genuine participation of stakeholders For governments – that are looking to identify hotspots of low civic empathy in their respective geographies and understand the gaps in how local citizens understand their development projects and amplify ways to address them For institutions – that are keen on adding value to their internal stakeholders by ensuring they are empathetic towards civic issues and connected to each other as human beings

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