Impresario means ‘leader’. Impresario Global means someone who can lead the world.

Impresario is popularly termed I.M. Descartes professed Ego Cogito, Ergo Sum. I.M of Impresario refers to this sum, that is, I am. The cause is the ‘why’ that an individual explores through life. Why I am is a question we all are seeking answers to by finding a purpose in life – a purpose that enables us to become a leader. Our tagline, hence, is #HumanityWithPurpose

I.M is a cause (why) amplifier (network).

I.M aims to be a global-first tech-driven, product-enabled marketplace that brings everything connecting cause, purpose, and leadership under one roof.

I.M’s soon-to-be-launched The Cause Central will be the first-ever cause-led platform that will, through its proprietary index, test – assess – monitor the current civic empathy quotient of an individual and/or organization and with its customized modules, enable amplification of purpose and leadership.

The Cause Central is very easy to understand. Think of a marketplace. Any. You go to it to research, buy, exchange or sell products/services. T.C.C. is a brand of I.M that will allow you to do exactly the same for causes that are important to you. Just like any other marketplace, you will be able to discover, explore and engage in different aspects of a cause.

Ever heard of the concept before? No? That sounds right because I.M coined it and worked extremely hard to develop it as a much-needed construct. It is a copyrighted term. It means the potential knowledge, attitude, and practice of an individual and/or group of individuals to engage in purposeful prosocial behavior.

Ambassadorship – With its gamified front-end app, the platform offers a typical subscriber the journey from being an unaware citizen to a highly engaged one, becoming a cause ambassador Amplification Miles – The amplification X is a point system for accumulating influencer status that accounts for one’s voluntary activities, financial support, and content generation for a specific cause K.A.R.M.A. passport – The passport is a tangible credit scorecard for your progress through the stages of the platform that comes with varied benefits Marketplace – The Cause Central offers a unique marketplace to enlist and empanel your cause-specific products/services as our platform partner

Civic empathy modules are customized into byte-sized capsules that familiarize, educate and optimize K.A.R.M.A. Kindness Altruism Righteousness Mindfulness Authenticity Each module is age-graded and has a respective level of complexity of the application. The complete module size comprises five parts with multiple sub-parts that can be completed in 100 hours. Every module has a series of video-based quizzes the performance of which determine the graph of one’s civic empathy quotient.

We registered under the Companies Act, 2013 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, in 2021. Our team comprises global talent, so you’ll be sure to find the right support whenever you need it!

Every cause highlighted on our platform is advocated by a changemaker who grows to be a cause ambassador or an expert in the related field. The entire process of becoming a cause ambassador is gamified, interspersed with certain perks & benefits one can redeem from our in-house store. At each level, the user must perform certain functions that involve getting work done at ground zero – fundraising, signing petitions, and collaborating with relevant NGOs, and other stakeholders. All this, while engaging and mobilizing their followers on the platform to also be champions of the cause.

For individuals – who have or want to identify their purpose and have the intent to make an impact on society. If you are determined to change the world around you, this is the platform to be on. You’ll get support from a community of like-minded people (aka amplifiers), and the motivation to do more with the right network. For NGOs & community groups – that are already in the field of social development and impact and are looking to create communities to rally with for a particular social issue of choice. You also get access to a directory of related stakeholders who can elevate your cause. For corporates – that are looking to enhance their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives by genuine participation of stakeholders For governments – that are looking to identify hotspots of low civic empathy in their respective geographies and understand the gaps in how local citizens understand their development projects and amplify ways to address them For institutions – that are keen on adding value to their internal stakeholders by ensuring they are empathetic towards civic issues and connected to each other as human beings

There are so many we cannot stop talking about them! The platform, depending on the route you choose, takes you through a unique 5-step gamified journey to become a cause pioneer. Bronze (Rookie) – Silver (Campaigner) — Gold (Amplifier) – Diamond (Ambassador) – Platinum (Pioneer) Opportunity to be a cause-pioneer and work with renowned people in the space to amplify your passion on a larger scale Be part of a like-minded community of people who share your passion and purpose Variety of social loyalty benefits. To understand more, reach out to your local coordinator. If you don’t know who that is, please write to us as K.A.R.M.A. credits for prosocial knowledge, attitude, and behavior that can be exchanged for a variety of benefits Tax incentives via a record of civic engagement Directory of cause-related resources Customized scorecard of the civic empathy quotient Engagement on a platform by the people and for the people who want to be more civic conscious Access to a customized dashboard to track real-time progress across curated civic empathy modules Be a contender for K.A.R.M.A. awards that will felicitate individuals/groups for extraordinary cause-championship Curated cause-related content and domain matter experts to amplify your campaigns and become a thought leader

Our platform is open to all causes outside of any political, religious, and legal purviews. While there will be legal bodies offering support on our platform to mobilize change in policies, any cause outlined or undertaken with the intention of stirring political or religious unrest will not be tolerated.

While we love that you are altruistic, I.M is not a fundraising platform. We do not accept charitable funds that are not part of our cause challenges.

Yes, we are not a crowdfunding platform. We are a global-first social impact marketplace that aggregates everything connected to a cause.

No. We are a for-profit company.

We are cause marketers. Our industry is marketing. But we are also social impact, tech, and content.

As an amplifier, of course. To know more, click here > As an ambassador. To know more, click here > As a cause pioneer. To know more, click here >