1. Write to or call the government: Leaders often support causes even if very few people contact them in support of it. Contact us to know How to Write/Email or How to Call. Send templates and petitions on global issues and causes that concern you. 

2. Mobilize: One is good, but twenty is always better. Politics is a numbers game. When many people contact a leader in support of an issue, greater action can be demanded from the leader and their staff.

3. Participate: Attend events where leaders speak and publicly ask them to support your social efforts. 

4. YouTube championing: Send your leader a video of components requesting action on a bill. Gather a virtual audience. 


5. Share our website and resources: Share our website link www.impresario-global.com and our articles, PRs, and events. Spread the word through our interesting videos, links, and articles about the concerned issues via your status updates, tweets, etc. 

6. Pitch your ideas: Email interesting story ideas and topics worth talking about; it doesn’t matter how small they are, be it activations at a local, state or national level. 

7. Write to us: Serve the purpose of educating thousands of people. Tell us what issues bother you, and we will cover them in our campaigns. 

8. Participate in podcasts: You’re one conversation away from getting the issue in front of thousands of people. Get in touch with us to discuss more issues. 

9. Download our app: Be an active influencer. Start speaking to local and peer groups about your causes and shed light on the matter on our Cause Central App

10. Submit content to our newsletters: From local sanitation to global poverty, there is plenty to be worked upon. Send some interesting tidbits about anything you might want to highlight, and we will incorporate the topic and/or make it a regular fixture. 

11. Post Fliers: Impresario Global does not intend to be just tech-savvy. We are huge fans of good, old-fashioned flier-ing. If it works for you, post fliers to the interested businesses.


12. Tweet and status update: Engage with a leader’s Facebook & Twitter post. A majority of people use social media to communicate with like-minded people and understand what they are saying. Friend/Follow your leaders, post encouraging comments when they support your cause, let others know what you support, or encourage everyone to support such bills. 


13. Accomplish random feats: Climb a local mountain backward, attempt to pogo stick across your city, etc. Do something unusual to raise funding and/or awareness for the cause. Ask people to contribute. 

14. Host a non-event fundraiser: Organize a garage sale. Turn your junk into funding for the cause. Instead of hosting an expensive fundraiser, ask your guest list to stay home and donate the ticket price.

15. Take the $100 Challenge: Starting at $1 the first week, raise/give $1 more each week. You will raise an impressive $100 within less than 4 months! 

16. Arrange an informal tournament: Ultimate Frisbee? Badminton? Turn your favorite activity into a competition or a tournament.


17. Be a responsible buyer: Try buying sustainable products, reduce your carbon footprints, try buying from local vendors and reduce waste from shipping. 

18. Reduce, reuse, recycle: Don’t buy unless necessary. Instead of throwing out the old items, create recycled tote bags, purses, etc. Incline yourself towards sustainable fashion. 

19. Divert: Catch yourself before making disproportionate purchases and redirect these savings towards the cause.

20. Donate your wedding, graduation, or birthday: Make “in lieu of gifts” the new normal. Ask your family and friends to donate to the cause instead of buying you presents.

Speak Up For Your Cause. TODAY.

Share your ideas, work for your intent, create an impact. Start small and go big — or start big and stay big. Either way, keep taking action, keep coming back, and join the movement to change the world. Watch billion grow.

Join the movement to change the world.

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