Who We Are?

In the beginning, there were humans, thoughts and feelings of humans, feelings of joy because it is so unburdened, light, and free. Then there was injustice; so sharp that you feel it with your body, it cripples the body, hinders its movements, petrifies the mind, and then you find yourself hostage to the world. And so you turn your attention against this inhumanity, mobilize every cell of the body to struggle against the abuse, injustice, and humiliation. You tell the world:

I want to make a difference!

Be your own

Our mission is

Our weapon is our Voices!

Impresario Global

Impresario Global is the first global crowdsourced digital platform to help influencers amplify causes. We are a worldwide voluntary membership-based organization that defends people's human rights by challenging injustice. We are a part of an international movement of brave Gen Z determined to make their voices heard.

We are continually looking forward to amplifying the causes of people who are psychologically and physically ready to implement the humanitarian tasks of actually making a difference in the world.

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I.M Ideology

We nurture IDEAS- big or small.
We honor INTENT- good or better.
We drive IMPACT- huge or modest.

Our Constitution

Impresario Global’s constitution is its foundational document. It contains the mission, vision, and purpose of our platform, the relationship with the world, and the details of our structures and processes.

General Information

I.M stands for the principles of commitment and openness to media to ensure maximum coverage of its advocacy and revolutionary activities in mass media. Our campaigns carry out aggressive awareness-raising and information movements on the internet and on the streets. I.M is present on every important internet community and social network.

I.M is only responsible for those acts of content and information which are shared on the official web resources of Impresario Global.

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Do you think you can work with any degree of complexity and level of provocation? Are you ready to withstand repressions against the people and are propelled by the idea of working for a cause you care about? I.M is the special force of humanitarianism.

The overwhelming majority of our voices come from individuals like you. It allows us to maintain full independence from any political ideologies, governments, religions, and economic interests.